Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Tanya and Eli almost got a frog tonight.... and they have no clue.

I bought an African Dwarf Frog for my one aquarium tonight. Just a couple hours ago I went to check on him.... and yea... well, he was not there. I spent about an hour searching... finally woke my dad and as he was getting ready to come down, I found him. He is still alive.... and there is now a nice addition of cardboard to my tank's hood..... but I literally got a zip lock container and had the frog in the container ready to go to Tanya's since her tank is completely covered and there is no way this frog could escape.... but then I saw him in that little container and I just couldnt do it... so I spent the last hour finding a way to prevent this from happening again. I lowered the water level a bit so that it would be more of a jump for him and then I also put cardboard on top of the areas I thought he could escape. There still is an area for the return of my external filter but im thinking with the flow of water, he wouldnt try to escape there anyway.

I also set another 2 gallon tank up tonight as well. I have 3 tiger barbs and a snail in that one.... that tank is extra special cool but I cant tell anyone about it until Eli comes over to help me finish it :)

Ok... goodnight... I needed to be in bed about 3 hours ago.

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