Thursday, September 02, 2004

yaknow... about half way through PA I started getting really happy for some unknown reason..... I just was REALLY happy.... like almost hyper. I was glad for that.... then I got home.... which I was happy when I pulled in because I was FINALLY home.... turned on my monitor.... had a message from Jim that something else isnt work... had a message from jason that I screwed something else up today and scared alot of customers and Tiff's away message is that she finally did cry on this special day.... didnt want to hear that.... a half hour before the day officially ended I sent her an email with a code in it.... and she cried at that time. I guess I can only blame myself.....

So yea, I'm down again.... its so incredibly bed time.... guess I'll cry myself to sleep again... why do I have to be such a screw up?

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