Saturday, November 15, 2003

Where do I start? Overall.... this day sucked!
It started out not so bad when Jason and I went to lunch.... when I got home Tiff and I continued our conversation and then I asked a "personal" question which started a discussion. This discussion is, of course, a very personal nature so im not revealing that.... but some things were said that kinda made me.... I dont know the word.... I wasnt upset or depressed or anything.... it just kinda bugged me.... now, dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong between me and Tiff.... things are great... and its these conversations and disagreements that I think make our relationship so special.... issues that most people overlook we face head on... and we keep honest with one another... and that is very important in a relationship.... the thing that sucked most about it is the conversation was no where near over and I had to leave for work.... I left feeling very down.... and actually, people noticed it at work right away (that I was down about something)... so anyway I tried my best to spring back.... typically Im VERY good at seperating personal from work.... but tonight it got to me for some reason... and it wasnt even like I was upset.... I was just down.... and a little confused..... a little while later Tiff text messaged me.... it actually cheered me up a bit.... and I was talking to her for a little bit..... then Patty came up with Steve and said something about me using my cell phone. First of all, I dont know if it was a joke by either of them or not.... after I visably was upset Patty said something about just joking.... I dont know how to take it.... I dont know if they were serious.... and then of course they had to throw the High Impact Coach thing in on it.... I'm starting to get a little sick of being a HIC.... I know everyone is joking... and in 2 days when the joke about it again, I will laugh and everything will be fine.... but because of the way the day was going, it really got to me.... tonight was just weird.... I usually take things so lightly... and I enjoy people messing around with me... but I guess first, I dont know if Steve and/or Patty were joking about the phone and second, I was down. I dont understand the thing with the phone though. I dont think its a problem.... and I dont think anyone else sees it as a problem either.... I specifically asked Matt about it and he said it wasnt a problem at all. First of all, if we are crushed, Tiff doesnt get a message back.... she knows that.... thats the way it is... work comes first.... secondly, sending a text message takes about 5-10 seconds.... and usually its a few mins before I would get another one from her anyway.... and I am working the entire time. The people who smoke go out a couple times a night for 5-10 mins.... this is on the clock time and they are doing nothing.... at least when I am texting, I am still working.... Lets figure a person has 2 cig breaks at 6 mins each... thats 12 mins of time on the clock of not working.... now that is 720 seconds.... divide that by 10 seconds a message and you get 72... so mathematically, I can send 72 messages (there is no way i'd ever reach that) and equal the time that an employee is smoking... so am I out of line? I personally dont think so. I dont let it get to a critical point.... and the thing about texting... its not like being on the phone where you have to give a response right away.... I respond, when I have time.... how many people take personal calls while at work or call people at work and that totally pulls them away from their job.... which, dont get me wrong, I'm not complaining about.... cig breaks are ok, taking phone calls is ok.... I just think its only fair that someone who doesnt smoke and doesnt take phone calls can have a little bit of an incentive. I'm not the only person with a cell phone either.... ok, so they are "banned" in our region... but at every store.... every area manager.... they all use them. The memo said that area coaches were included in the ban.... when I was at HIC, the trainer took multiple phone calls in the middle of training... was he wrong? no, he needed those calls.... but is it fair that AC's talk on their phone and we dont? no.... (my trainer was an AC)... Very rarely do I let stuff get to me... but this cell phone thing -- joking or not -- really pissed me off. I know me.... in a few days, this will be done and I'll be back to joking.... but every now and then, I just get really upset.... and its VERY rare.... but this situation alone upset me.... let alone the fact that I had to tell Tiff I had to go just as she was starting to cheer me up a little bit from the conversation we had. *sigh* ... I made it though.... I get to go to sleep soon and take a day off tomorrow and relax.

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