Sunday, November 02, 2003

I have no management skills.....
Well, thats according to a customer tonight. She comes in and says "I have an 8.99 coupon but I forgot it at home" and I said that I would look at the coupons that we had in the store (which we're technically not allowed to do - the idea of a coupon is to get them IN to the store). I didnt have the 8.99 coupon she was talking about but I did have a 10.99 one that still would have saved her money. Typically customers are very happy when you do something like this (especially since most of them know you're not allowed to). Anyway, she was very polite and said that she would just drive home and get the coupon and then she walked out. When she came back she screamed at me and told me that I needed to get more management skills. *shrug* Had she actually expressed concern previously... or even gave me a chance to say something before she left, I probably would have backed down and just gave her a discount.... most customers would be extremely happy with what I did... I guess every now and then you get one that just wants to complain. Other than that the night went quite well. We did get crushed for a while... which is not typical of a Sunday. Thank God Adam just happened to stop in to visit Diana and he was able to punch in for a little bit and help out. That was a big help.... as a result I was able to send Tim home early since we died off and Adam kept all the dishes caught up and then before that I had already sent Zach home early because we were slow. So it all worked out great because Adam's hours filled in the gap for Zach and Tim's less hours... so it pretty much washed out. Personally, I think that MAY have been good management skills... but who am I to say? :)
Tiffany got back tonight.... she text paged me at work to tell me she was back but that was right when we were getting crushed so I wasnt able to talk to her (I'm happy that Steve lets me text her every now and then -- I'm not about to abuse that privledge and let it interfere with my work). I did have a nice email when I got home though. I miss her bunches! I cant wait to talk to her tomorrow.

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