Wednesday, November 05, 2003

WARNING: I have been yelled at for this post already. Here is a pre-pre-warning. If you have not seen Matrix: Revolutions yet, stop reading this post!

"Oh my god, they killed trinity... you bastards"

Matrix Revolutions was awesome.... it's probably tied with the first one... definately better than the 2nd one, which was extremely good too. If you havent seen it yet stop reading this unless you dont care about knowing stuff about the movie. For the most part, I liked how the supposed trilogy ended. It was great to see the machines and the humans reach a "treaty" and create peace. I am very upset about the fact that Trinity dies... I guess it fit the movie but I would have much rather seen the movie end in peace with Trinity and Neo going back to Zio and "living happily ever after" ... but I guess thats just the kind of person I am. The movie also left alot of speculation as to whether Neo is alive or dead. The movie doesnt show Neo doing anything after he is unplugged from the matrix after defeating Agent Smith. Personally, Neo is still alive in my eyes. When the little girl asks the Oracle if they will ever see Neo again, she responds by saying she assumes they would. This makes me wonder if the Matrix really does end with a trilogy... I know they have said it is just a trilogy but there is definately alot of room for yet another sequel, and I'm sure its something the world would love to see (well, most of us anyway). Twenty years from now (assuming at the time there is no 4th Matrix) I am going to be waiting for the 4th one.... Keanu Reeves can kick some computer ass in a wheelchair, right? :) Over all, I really did enjoy the movie and had a really great time today.
One thing that has been going through my mind as I watched the Matrix unfold in three movies is the love that is formed between Neo and Trinity. Maybe this is why I was so upset when Trinity died. On my mind alot was how similar I think this love is to me and Tiffany. There is just such a bond.... I dunno... It just makes me think alot about Tiffany. Tiff and I would do anything for each other... even die if it came to it.... and thats the way Neo and Trinity were.
Since I didnt blog last night, I'll touch a little on yesterday. Work was ok but we had alot of extremely strange customers.... it was just a weird night. I was glad when it was over. I did get a new toy though yesterday. I have been in the market for a new Palm (PDA) since the one I had kept crashing and I basically quit carrying it because it would always crash on me. I have been doing some research and while I did, I decided to for the fun of it see what it would cost to get a wireless palm with internet access. I eventually ran across the Handspring Treo SmartPhone. It's a combination cell phone and Palm. It runs on Palm OS so it is fully compatible with any Palm program. I found that T Mobile carried this device and was running a $100 rebate for it. I also found that they have unlimited data access for it for only $30 a month. I ended up getting one. While I was getting it though, I ran across a very messed up thing. When I applied for the service, T Mobile said my credit wasnt good enough to have the data only service but that they could accept me for a combo data and voice plan. WTF!? They cant trust me with $30 a month but they can trust me with $50.... doesnt make sense to me. Anyway I ended up putting it in my mom's name and it went through just fine. I am enjoying the service so far. A few things suck tho... for one it doesnt work at my house... no signal.... the signal is a little patchy in other areas too. I definately would not have a phone with T Mobile. I am perfectly content with my AT&T TDMA phone. GSM in this area sucks.

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