Tuesday, November 11, 2003

My baby is sick :(

Well, as of today I am officially a High Impact Coach... what does that mean? nothing really.... but now I can say I am one :) It is another class under my belt to work on moving up in Pizza Hut though, so that is good.

Ive been kind of down the past few hours.... alot of thinking going on. I guess everything with Jim and Tiff has been on my mind.... I just wish Jim would quit bugging her with everything.... I guess I understand why he is but I know it's bugging Tiff. I dunno.... thats probably not all of it.... it actually probably has to do with the fact that the last 2 days have really kicked my butt.... We'll see how tomorrow goes.... hopefully I'll get to talk to Tiff tomorrow... I didnt tonight because she was sick and had to go to bed.... I hope she feels better soon.

I need sleep, so that is what im going to do! Good night everyone!

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