Wednesday, November 19, 2003

What a blast! We spent our $1000 from Pizza Hut tonight... umm, last night.... whatever you want to call it. We all went to the mall shopping (we each got $65 to spend) and then we went to Paul Monday's (a bar) to eat and hang out. It really was a great time. Me, Matt, Adam, and Diana left the bar somewhere around 2:30am and then went to Eat N Park to sit for a while... we had a good time there as well.... I got home after 4am... but who cares.... I cant stress how much of a good time we had. I didnt really know what to get at the mall so I ended up spending money on my most favorite thing in the whole world.... my baby! :)
Well, like I said, I got home LATE.... its time for bed. Goodnight!

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