Sunday, November 16, 2003

Just got done watching "Ghost in the Machine" -- it was, umm, interesting. Probably one of the most unrealistic sci-fi movies that I've seen, but entertaining at that. It was a bit on the cheesy side.

Time to gripe! If Wal-Mart really wants to help its customers, it needs to focus on check out. First, they could start out by hanging a sign at the front of each line with a new cashiere or just general moron. Secondly, they could be like Target and open up more lines when the crowd gets busier. I will admit, since the opening of the Delmont Wal-Mart, I have become more of a Wal-Mart shopper, that is, I actually go in there time and again. It's nice that there is a McDonald's right inside that you can order food from the wal mart check out line (this means you can get McDonald's food with a credit or debit card). By no means is it Target but the Delmont Wal-Mart is by far better than the s**t-hole they call Greensburg Wal-Mart.

Today was quite well. I didnt do much except talk to Tiff, which was fine by me. Things are alot better now that we got some things out in the open... again, I love the way our relationship is -- being open and honest about everything... it helps so much. I have also calmed down over last night's "cell phone incident" ..... I still feel that my cell phone is not an issue and that it is only comparable to cig breaks.... but, Im not pissed anymore :)

As much as I hate having days off because I do nothing but sit at home, today was really good for me. I needed a break -- some time just to chill and do nothing... and being able to talk to Tiff for hours upon hours, that was even better.

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