Tuesday, November 11, 2003

First of all: bowling.
My first game rocked... I had a 223... but then I crashed.... and had a 125 and a 153.... that really sucked.... the highlight of the night was my dad.... he had a 255, a 284, and a 290.... Thats an 829!!!! If any of you dont bowl, let me just tell you.... that is quite an accomplishment... an 800 series is incredible... in fact, had this been an ABC sanctioned league, my dad would have been getting a diamond ring (I'm serious... its THAT good). He also would have been getting awards for over average, 11 strikes in a row, and so on and so on. He had 31 strikes tonight..... in three games there is a possible 36... I'm pretty proud of my dad.... and today was my mom and his 25th anniversary so it couldnt have happened at a better time. The thing that sucked about this was we STILL lost the last 2 games. I wish I would have done a little bit better... had we won all 3, we probably would have taken first place for the session. Instead we are going to end up, probably, in fourth. I guess we still have two thirds to go though.
Secondly: High Impact Coaching (Day 1)
I guess it went ok.... it is rather boring.... but I am learning a little bit. The highlight of it though was my survey. Before I went to HIC, I had to fill out a survey about myself... then 10 of my team members had to fill out the same survey about me and then Steve (my manager) had to fill it out for me. Today I got the results of those. There were like 20-30 questions on the survey and the scale was 1-5 (5 being the best). Steve gave me one 4 and the rest 5's. The training leader even joked about misprints happening. It really made me feel good. I didnt realize that Steve thought that highly of me. On top of that, the averages of my team members .... not one question was below a 4. Most of them were 4.5 and above.... I had alot of 4.8's and even a 4.9..... At least I know I'm doing something right. There are some things Im finding that I need to work on, and I definately will develope those. The other nice thing I found out about me today was that I can adapt to different coaching styles easily. We did a quiz that showed us where our style fit and each of the four quadrants for me were only 4 points apart from each other. That, also, made me feel good. I'm interested to see what happens tomorrow in Day 2.... Only time will tell.
Lastly, I want to give you all a glimpse at the most beautiful thing in the world:

Aint she adorable? :)

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