Monday, November 24, 2003

Crazy night... again. I'm not really sure what our sales were.... forgot to look, but I know for a while I was going crazy. 3 cooks tonight, 1 manager (me) and 2 servers.... the servers were busy and none of the cooks were trained on the cut table.... that made it pretty intense for me for about 20 mins straight. I had a serious back up.... for 20 mins I ran around like a mad man... a customer was waiting on his pizza.... just laughing at me.... everyone who was working there agreed that they have never seen anyone move so fast on the cut table.... In the 7 years i've worked for Pizza Hut, I dont think I have either.... it was insane. I actually was reviewing the sales and such for Friday and Saturday.... I was extremely impressed.
In other news, I added some pictures to my website and decorated it for Christmas. Go check it out!
I talked to Tiff for a little bit today... it was good to talk to her. I still miss her very much, but at least its down till about a month till I get to see her. I cant wait! Dont know if I'll get to talk to her tomorrow or not.... we shall see.

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