Sunday, November 30, 2003

Just got home... fun night... hehe
We got everything at Pizza Hut decorated for Christmas... we were really getting into the Christmas spirit.... it was me, Matt, Diana, and Tim. We had a good time.... and put HOURS into it. Tim and I mainly worked on the outside lights while Matt and Diana worked inside. Yea, it was a bit cold, but we had a good time. I think the place looks really nice.

Now for the main story.... Steve finally got me back.
At about 2pm (I start work at 3), I get a call from Steve saying that a customer decided to get the store a Christmas present and was getting it gift wrapped but they didnt have time to wait for it so we had to go pick it up. He asked me to go in and pick it up on my way to work. Now, remember, this is the Saturday after Thanksgiving... the mall is not a pretty place to be... so anyway I venture my way into the Bon Ton and eventually make my way to the gift wrap center. I wait in line for quite some time and then I finally get to the person and I tell her I was supposed to pick up something for Pizza Hut. She says oh, ok and calls someone else.... I thought that was odd.... but anyway this other person comes down and goes to the back to get what I have to pick up... there, wrapped in clear celephane is Steve's bear..... and she says "Steve wanted to make sure you get this" .... I shook my head, said "I'm gonna kill him" and everyone laughed..... so I made my way down to Pizza Hut. Of course there were some good laughs as I was walking in.... honestly, I thought it was funny..... it really was an awesome prank... especially since its harder for the opener to pull a prank on the closer (which is usually the case with me and Steve)..... I give him mad props for pulling that off. So anyway, Steve gives me a list then. This list is a list of 5 things that the bear demands or "he" will continue torturing me. Included for your entertainment, is the list of those demands.

1. Apologize in your blog for abusing him.
2. Public apology in front of at least 5 Pizza Hut Employees
3. Must take the bear with you when you go out to eat. Buy him some porrigge or some honey.
4. Take the bear when you meet up with Tiffany next and explain that while she was away, another (the bear) made you feel better than she does. Then pull his string to prove it.
5. Tell her the (censored - insert the Christmas present I bought for Tiffany here - the one I think she's gonna kill me over) was teddy's idea.

So anyway, I have had a very entertaining day.... and then some.... so what is that... yesterday, today..... *shrug* ... it doesnt matter... we had fun.... It's nice to work in an enviornment where you can fool around alot.... and still get work done too, of course.

Well, its is now after 6am.... and I have to be back at the hut at 3... plus I'd like to get up early enough to talk to Tiff for a little bit... so I'm gonna head to bed. Good night everyone!

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