Friday, November 28, 2003

I'm nuts... officially.
I always buy everything online when I'm Christmas shopping.... this year so far has been no different. I bought 90% of my presents online. Today tho, is black friday.... the day when stores try to lure you in with amazing sales. A DVD Burner for $80... yea, that caught my attention. I told Mom & Dad thats what I wanted for Christmas. Around 5:30 this morning my dad calls me and says he just drove by Best Buy because he was going to get that burner for me for Christmas. He said he just kept on driving because there is no way that he would have been able to stand in line to get it. After thinking hard about it, I decided that I would drive in and get it. Dad gave me his credit card, and off I went. Let me take this moment to say.... NEVER AGAIN! I now know why I do my Christmas shopping online... and why I never venture out on black friday. There was no room in Best Buys parking lot.... I ended up finding a spot.... at McDonald's down the street. Started walking over.... once I made it in the door the fun began, trying to get to the shelf where the dvd burners were. No joke I was fighting people standing in line.... the line to checkout was weaved in and out of different aisles... it was nuts. Finally made it to the shelf, and, no more on the shelf. I asked someone and they said that they probably had more but I had to ask someone else. Found someone else and he said they may have some more at the computer counter..... the line for the computer counter was from the front of the store, clear to the back of the store. It was at this moment that I gave up. It then took me 5 mins to get out of the store because I had to dodge people left and right. I learned an important lesson today.... not only did I learn that I should stay home on black friday, I also learned that people are stupid... and for a brief moment this morning, I was one of them. Now that I have failed my attempt and learned my lesson, I'm going back to bed.

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