Saturday, November 15, 2003

11-15 [14:08] bobkmertz: but when you had something so repetitive.... its hard to beleive other wise sometimes
11-15 [14:09] bobkmertz: more than half of my other girls cheated on me
11-15 [14:09] bobkmertz: at least the ones who meant anything
11-15 [14:09] bobkmertz: that really makes you think there is something wrong with you
11-15 [14:09] bobkmertz: in many cases, people give up
11-15 [14:09] bobkmertz: I didnt
11-15 [14:10] bobkmertz: but that doesnt mean that I wasnt hurt by it
11-15 [14:10] Tiffs Wolf Dance: *looks into your eyes* .......makes me think there was something wrong with them.
11-15 [14:10] bobkmertz: *smiles*
11-15 [14:11] Tiffs Wolf Dance: ..... If they couldn't see what was right in front of their faces......
11-15 [14:11] Tiffs Wolf Dance: .....their loss..... my GAIN

Did I ever mention I love this girl? :)

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