Sunday, November 16, 2003

This day actually went quite well.... althought my wal mart experience today was much worse than last night. I needed deodorant and a meal from the McDonald's.... this project took well over 20 mins. Apparently they dont believe in express lanes anymore and EVERYONE in that store was buying at least 50 items. It was crazy.
Work... well, over all it went pretty well. However, I'm a little upset. I was there for... maybe an hour or so... and Patti says "there's that solicitor, you better go throw him out" ... I looked out and sure enough this guy was going around tables asking for money... he wasnt even a customer. So I went to him and threw him out. When I came back, Patti explained to me that this was the third day that he had been there and that he had been early today too. After hearing this, I was pretty ticked. So I figured that I'd call around to the other local restraunts and see if he had been there. My results: He had been to Pizza Hut, Olive Garden, Old Country Buffet, Long John Silvers, Denny's, Ponderosa, Dingbats, and Valley Dairy.... and multiple times at each store. I decided that this warranted calling the state police.... so I did. When I talked to the officer, he didnt seem concerned at all and basically just told me stuff to get me off the phone. I was extremely upset at this. I realize that there isnt too much he could have done to catching the guy at that moment but he could have at least taken a report so it was on record as being a problem. This wasnt an isolated siutation. Eight restraunts and three days at each one.... that's a problem! The officer did tell me that if he came back I should imediately call them and have them come out and same with the other restraunts.... so I did call back all the other managers and recommended they called the state police tonight to complain (maybe if they got enough calls they would actually file a report) and I told them to leave notes for their other managers and let them know if he showed up to call the police immediately.... I really am ticked off about it though. The police are there to help us out. It's especially crazy that we usually give any officer at least a 50% discount and many times we give them free food. And now, when we need them, they dont want to be bothered. It just really upset me.
So anyway, thats about all that I have for tonight. I'm gonna head to bed soon. Goodnight everyone!

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