Sunday, November 23, 2003

What a night... if this is a taste of whats coming next week for black friday...well.... wow..... We were nearly $1k over on our sales for the day.... thats pretty intense. Diana and I punched out around midnight... Tim left a little earlier... maybe a little after 11:30.... since I had to wait on Diana I figured I'd finish everything up. It was really the same as yesterday only a little bit better. It was steady the whole way until almost close. We always had a table. Our store really needs a sales boost, so im not complaining... and I know the more money the store makes, the better chance I have at a raise. In all honesty, I like when its busy.... things go faster.... sure, it's stressful but it seems like the team we have (most of them) really respond well to stress. In many cases I think we have more fun when we're stressed... we kind of all enter this different mode. After we clocked out, Diana and I sat talking for a while. It was really good to talk to her. She talked alot about adam and seth and I talked alot about Tiffany. It made me feel alot stronger towards Tiff... on my way home I had to listen to our song.... it made everything feel real... almost like Tiff was in the car with me. I got home around 1am... maybe a little after. Got my pictures so I looked at them, then did some laundry (which is now finally finished) and now that it is almost 2:30am, I'm going to bed. I hope I can get up for church tomorrow.... gonna have to drag myself out.

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