Thursday, November 13, 2003

Steve really does hate me....

Well, not really.... but I did find out that the ratings that were on my survey report from him, really arent from him. Honestly, im not surprised.... and at least now I know areas that I have to work on. He did create a nice list of good things I was doing..... I guess that made up for the 3's he gave me... :) Just wait till I have to review him for something.... (just kidding, steve - I'll be honest) :)

Not too much else happened today. I did get a chance to talk to Tiff for a long time today.... I really enjoyed that. We talked some about what was on my mind regarding Jim. I heard some things that I really liked and some things that I didnt want to hear.... but im glad I heard them all. Thats the thing about me and Tiff that I really like.... we're totally open and honest with each other... we tell each other everything no matter what.... it's great to have a relationship like that.

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