Sunday, November 09, 2003

Saw Matrix: Revolutions again tonight.... this time in IMAX at the Carnegie Science Center.... man, was that awesome! If any of you have a chance to see it in IMAX form, dont pass up the chance.
Today was a pretty cool day. It started out talking to Tiff for a very short time. I wish it could have been longer, but it just didnt work out. Lori and I then went to the mall to buy our ski boots... and she bought poles too. I bought a pair of boots for $130.... which isnt too bad. They first gave me a pair for $80 to try on and they were actually not too bad and I almost bought those but then I tried on this other pair and I was sold.... they were just way too comfortable... so I figured it was worth the extra money. Our next adventure was me and Lori taking our skis and other equipment to Monroeville to get them waxed and adjusted and stuff.... I also needed help with my bindings. I took them in and they looked at my skis and said they couldnt tell me anything about those bindings.... legally anyway. I guess there is some kind of regulation that the binding companies tell stores they can no longer support certain bindings after a certain time... mine fall into that classification.... so I have to buy myself new bindings. Oh well... Lori said that she is gonna get em for me for my Christmas present... that'll help... then I have to drag them back down to monroeville to get mounted and get my skis waxed. They did tell me that my skis were probably worth the $70 alone so I didnt get ripped off at all.... they then looked at Lori's skis.... they were actually pretty impressed it seemed. Her's are in really good condition.... her bindings need some SERIOUS adjustment but thats nothing major... looks like I got a good deal for her.... and hers are the same as Tiff's, except Tiff's are a little shorter... so thats probably a good sign for Tiff.
So anyway, after all of the skiing stuff, it was time to get ready for my parent's surprise anniversary party. It's their 25th so me and my sisters wanted to do something special... so we planned a party at Pitzer's and got our picture taken for them and gave them a framed pic of us as well as a whole collection of others. They really enjoyed it... and it seemed they werent expecting anything, which was really cool. It went smooth.... I was happy! Also, at the party I talked to Aunt Kathy.... I have been really wondering what I should do about this wedding... I dont support what she is doing, but I didnt know if not going to the wedding was best anyway.... I just mainly didnt want to mislead her into thinking I supported her by going to the wedding... so anyway I took her aside and told her that I really didnt agree with what she was doing and that I didnt really support her, but I told her that I care for her and love her very much and that I was going to go to the wedding. She said thank you and gave me a big hug.... she said that she understood and said that she knows this is tough for everyone... im glad she at least understands.
Well, its been a long, exciting, and eventful day... its time to sleep. I'm probably going to skip church tomorrow (shame on me).... I just dont think im going to be able to get up....

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