Wednesday, November 26, 2003

And now, introducing the stars of tonight's blog: Matt Shafer and Steve Kruse :)

Tonight was a night of complete harrasment, but it's ok... I'll eventually get them back. Today our uniform shipment came in and I had ordered a gatsby to wear while I'm a cook.

Well, that went over like a lead baloon. I think its nice, but I was kinda expecting harrasment over it.... but what the heck, I'm unique... maybe this will make Steve quit scheduling me for cook shifts just so I dont wear that hat :) Yea, that wasnt the only thing they harrased me about. It seems like I couldnt say anything without some crazy comment.... At least Patti R. liked it.... someone was in my corner... of course when I got home Lori told me that I needed to take that thing off now.... *sigh* No one appriciates good style.... uh... yea, thats it. Everything at Pizza Hut is in good fun though.... I cant say that it bothers me that they harass me... I've just accepted the fact that I am the second most harrased person in that store... Sweet Chuck (Mike) is way above me so I dont think I'll be catching him.... tho, Vanetta might be catching up to me... especially if we get her to drink at the Christmas party...

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