Saturday, November 01, 2003

Its been almost 24 hours since I last talked to Tiff.... and its killing me *sigh* ... I wish she was visiting in New Alexandria rather than London... oh well.... I got to talk to her at 3:30am this morning, last morning.... whatever you want to call it. I left her an email and told her that whe she got online in the morning to send me a few text pages to wake me up so I could get online and talk to her before she left and then I could go back to bed after. I'm really glad she did and happy that I got to talk to her.... the problem is I dont remember much of the conversation... hehe... I may go back and check the log and see what I actually said.... I do remember some of it... just not all of it.... I'm still really glad she paged me tho.
Work was nuts tonight. We were short one person... he was scheduled as an extra so we didnt bother replacing the shift... ok, well, we tried but no one wanted to work on Halloween... We could have used someone else there tho. It didnt go too bad tho... for the most of the rush we had 4 managers there... one as a waitress and the other as... well, he kinda did everything... then Steve was at the cut table and I was on the make. I didnt leave the make for hours at a time.... we just kept slamming out pizza... then Steve decided to leave... hehe, no biggie... I told him to go but of course he had to say something like you wont get much more business.... he was wrong.... we had 4 people in the store (at this point matt was out as a waiter)... matt and patty were in the dining room, tim was on the make table, and I was between the cut and the make table.... I remember looking back from the cut and seeing tickets EVERYWHERE on the make table.... so I went back and helped Tim out when there werent any pizzas coming out.... Tim did an amazing job.... and I was really impressed with how the night turned out.... the dining room was in good shape around 9:30 so matt switched codes and came back and helped us out in the kitchen for a half hour until his shift was done.... Patty was out right at 11 and Tim and I were out at 10 after.... I was shocked... usually when I work we dont get out until 20 after or so.... but after this night from hell we got out earlier than usual.... amazing
ok, yea, im sure everyone wanted to know all about my night at pizza hut... now that ive bored everyone, I should get to bed.... I wanna sleep all day tomorrow tho.... I have NOTHING to do and its gonna drive me crazy.... I was gonna close the hut tomorrow for steve but he doesnt want me to get overtime.... *sigh* I could use the money :)

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