Tuesday, October 21, 2003

What a night! I decided to drop off a copy of Win XP for Matt at Pizza Hut tonight.... I think I stopped by there around 6 or so... I walk in and matt goes "punch in" ... I wasnt doing anything tonight anyway so I figured i'd help them out. There was a fundraiser for tonight for a club at Greensburg Salem High School. Usually our fundraisers are major flops because no one cares enough to promote them. This we were expecting about 15 extra checks or so... which is more than our usual 10 checks but not alot. Typically for the day on a Tuesday we have about 80 checks total... tonight we had 200. Apparently a teach at the high school decided to give anyone extra credit who brought in a recipt from pizza hut tonight. Pretty much the entire high school was at our hut tonight. It was crazy. Its been a long time since I've seen that store that busy. Matt and I both agreed on one thing... when we were in high school the girls did not look like that. Wow!... so at least the scenary was good. Really tho, I dont care... I have an amazingly cute girl and I will be happy with her for the rest of my life... I wouldnt want anyone else. Since I did just stop in to drop something off, I wasnt in uniform so I was working in my strong bad t shirt... its amazing how many people actually love strong bad... I got alot of compliments. Oh well, im pretty much beat from tonight so I think Im gonna call it a night here shortly.

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