Saturday, October 04, 2003

Today was a pretty fun day overall. It started out cleaning out some more of my grandmother's old house. There were alot of memories in that basement. It was hard throwing some things away but sometimes you just have to.
After that I took a nap since I really didnt get much sleep last night and then woke up later and went to the mall with my sisters. We actually had a good time, despite having to be stuck in stores such as American Eagle and the likes... but I lived. As soon as we got home Uncle Tim, Kaylynn, and Darby where at our house and we went to eat at Pitzer's with them. Prime Rib... mmmmm!
The depressing part of the day was I didnt hear from Tiff at all. Usually I get something from her at least once a day but she must have been busy today. I still dont know where anything is going and I am still open to other girls... but I do miss her. :(

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