Saturday, October 18, 2003

It seems that sometimes im like a little kid... regressing to a previous experience. Maybe thats why things are so rough on me with the whole Tiff situation. I've been through alot when it comes to girls and ive had my heart broken so many times... not only that but ive been in the position with Tiffany where she was going to break up with Jim before.... its rough one me... it really is. Even though I know that there really is no reason to doubt this time I still do. And the thing that kills me even more is that I dont think she fully understands that. I know this is rough on her... I know what she has to do is next to impossible (but still possible) but sometimes I wish she just understood how rough this is on me. I love Tiffany from the bottom of my heart.... I dont like seeing her go through this... its even crossed my mind that maybe I should run from her just so she doesnt have to go through this... I wanted so badly to send her a really sweet email tonight... but I just couldnt find the words to say.

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