Thursday, October 02, 2003

Well I got a "promising" email from Tiff today... but yaknow, you would think that I would be happy but I'm not. I've been here before. Something looks promising and then we end up back at square one. I dont know whats happening to me. Of course I still love her but I just cant go on like I have been. I'm still ok. I'm not depressed and I'm pulling through just fine. I guess I'm realizing that God will give me a great woman soon. I've been kinda outta it.... more skis came today so I was opening them in the living room and my mom just looked at me and asked "whats wrong with you" ... then my dad spoke up and said "he was the same way at bowling on monday" ... I guess I have been out of it. There just is alot on my mind right now. Its not fair that I have to go through all of this... its not fair the way Tiff has treated me. I guess we'll see what happens. Maybe this will work out and Tiff and I will be together. Its just gonna have to happen soon. I hope it does... but I'm not going to bank on this anymore... I've done enough getting my hopes up... I'm gonna wait until it happens this time.

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