Tuesday, October 21, 2003

143, 154, 139.... SUCKS... *sigh* not a good night... we only won one game too.... oh well... you cant win them all.
Also today, i come home from lunch and look at my mail... mail from AES... my student loans are scheduled for repayment shortly... looks like next month I'll be paying on that... then I open my car insurance bill... it went up $31/month.... *sigh* I only had a small accident but apparently I previously had a huge discount because I have had no accidents and I lost that... so now im paying over $90 a month for insurance... that just plain sucks
And now for the main event. Tiff broke up with Jim tonight. After she did it she called me crying... mainly because she was worried about him. I guess he just kept saying "I want to die, I want to die" ... it hurts me to see her cry.... not to mention I feel like shit about this whole situation. I never intended for any of this to happen... it just did. I asked her tonight if she wanted me to walk and let her and Jim continue on... she said no... it was done with and then said that she loved me. I still feel like I destroyed someone's life.... and this really hurts after watching what my aunt did to my uncle... I know that this sucks for Jim... and I really feel bad. To add to it all I talked to Jason about it and he wasnt supportive at all... I guess I cant expect him to be... he thinks im wrong... and I know that.... I guess I see his point too... thats why I feel like shit.... I know this is all gonna blow over and Tiff and I will be fine... I know that we are meant to be... I know that we will be happy together.... I still also hope that Tiff's mom can learn to like me too... I know that she hates my guts right now too.... this situation sucks, but I know that its moving in the right direction so im gonna try to get through this.... and I'll be praying for Tiff and mainly for Jim.... I hope God brings Jim a very special girl into his life soon.... I also hope that Tiff doesnt hold herself responsible for what happened... she did what she had to do....

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