Monday, October 27, 2003

132, 164 ,162... those were my games tonight. I could have done better but I am actually shocked I did that well... with the kind of mood I was in. My team won 5 of 7 points.
More thoughts on the Tiff thing.... in one of the emails she sent me today she said something like I was too happy for the situation.. WTF... what the hell is that supposed to mean? Am I not supposed to be happy? Also she said that she really isnt as happy as she has been letting on... first of all, she wants to be honest with me... then she lies about being happy... if she's not happy with the decission she made, then maybe she shouldnt have made it. I dont know.... I'm just really frustrated and the more this day went on the more frustrated I got.... especially during the first game... I kept missing easy shots and just got more and more pissed about everything.... then also today in one the text messages she sent me she said f*ing... ok, she did censor it just like that, and it wasnt directed at me or used negatively.... but thats just not her. Whats going on? Well thank God I can go to bed in a few mins here.... I never have looked so forward to going to bed... the hell with this day.

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