Sunday, October 05, 2003

*sigh* Ive been trying to sleep for the past ... oh its been well over an hour. I keep thinking of the entire Tiff situation. Gosh in so many ways has she hurt me.... but I keep on loving her. Why do I still love her? What is in store? I dont think its fair the way she's treated me... the way that she's played games with me... I mean, I know it wasnt her intention but its still what she did... and I denied it for so long... I ignored my friends but ultimately they were right. Its really hard now that the people who told me to wait for Tiff are actually telling me that I need to move on.... ok, not everyone is.... but its harder to believe.... maybe things do look promising... I really hope that something good does happen... I hope that Tiff and I are together.... I have forgiven her for what she has done but she still needs to do some things to make it right... I dont know what to think or what to expect... I just want to sleep right now... I want to wake up tommorow... go to church, come home from church and be able to talk to her and hear some good news. I cant bear to wait any longer.

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