Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I'm up way to early.... but its good.
I've been talking to Tiff for about the past hour... I know what people mean when they say that making up is the best part about a fight... even though Tiffany and I really didnt have I fight... I now understand that. Alot of it was misunderstanding (and stupid lag on text messaging).
One thing that I guess kinda bugged me was that she said she was going to keep Jim's ring. Maybe I dont fully understand that.... but we talked about it for a long time... at first she was irritated with me but I think eventually she understood where I was coming from. Granted, it bugs me... but I also dont think she could keep it for Jim's sake. She said she was going to talk to Jim about it... I hope that he will understand too... ultimately, I hope when she comes home she gives the ring back. I want her and Jim to be friends but I just think keeping the ring is a bad idea. We'll see what happens.
Ultimately, Im more in love with Tiffany today than I have ever been... it just keeps getting stronger and stronger.... yesterday was bad but im glad that Tiff and I have this ability to get things out in the open.

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