Tuesday, October 14, 2003

160, 204, 175 ... those were my scores tonight. I'm pretty happy with that. My team took 5 of the 7 points, so Im pretty happy with that too.
Did you know that the Franken Berry and Boo Berry cereals are back? I was just at Wal Mart and saw them... of course I had to pick up a box of Franken Berry.... Kari and I went to wal mart for a pitcher and some chocolate syrup and I ended up spending $38... *sigh* Matrix Reloaded is out tho so I had to buy the DVD.
I also fixed my sub woofer today... I was impressed with myself. I took it out of the box and checked the wires and they were all tight... I came to the conclusion that the subwoofer was dead... something made me touch the wires from the amp to the lead wires into the cone and when I did that it worked so I cut the lead wire and soldered the lead wire back onto the terminal... after that it worked. Im happy to have some bass in my car again! (especially without having to spend $80 on a new sub)
I got to talk to Tiff on the phone today... she called me around 3. It was really nice to hear her voice. I miss her so much.

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