Sunday, October 26, 2003

Ok, so Steve is really keeping me in line... pointing out that I havent blogged since Tuesday.... I guess I better put an entry in for his entertainment (and anyone else that actually reads this) :)

I guess the reason why I havent really blogged recently is nothing new is really going on. Tiff and I are definately drawing closer and I am really happy about the way things are going. She got the flowers that I sent her, on... hmm I think it was Tuesday that she got them... she was soo happy... it was worth the money... by far.... but I still question... why do they cost so much? I mean they are natural and you can grow them anywhere... *shrug* regardless, it was well worth it seeing as how much she liked them.... im glad I boosted her spirits a little bit... she got them on a day that she was having a rough time anyway so that worked out.
Other than the typical Tiff stuff, there is the typical Pizza Hut stuff. On Thursday night I ended up closing by myself in the kitchen... yea, that was fun. The closing cook never showed up... and of course it was one of my new hires.... I'm glad Tim and Jeff are working out really well because otherwise I'd feel like a failure... It looks like Bruce and Stephanie are on their way out the door... which is basically a good thing. We need employees that we can rely on and that actually come to work. And oh yea, how can I forget that I broke Steve's bear.... ok, I really felt bad about that one. I wrote a note in the manager log that his bear got drunk and then I opened the attic and had him peeking out of the hole in the ceiling looking down at a bunch of empty beer bottles.... well, when I first put him up there he ended up falling from the attic so I think thats what may have done it.... today he was talking fine but the last second he would stutter (in case you havent figured it out, its a bear with a pull string). Tonight I told Diana that I broke it and went to show her and it worked fine... so maybe his hangover wore off *shrug* ... I hope it continue to work because I do feel bad. Of course it wont stop me... more pranks to come :)
Tonight after we closed Diana and I sat around talking for quite a while... it was really good to talk to someone... I really consider her a good friend....
Well, I think thats about all I can update everyone on right now. I'll blog tommorow even if its just my bowling scores.

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