Friday, October 31, 2003

Ok, wow... its 2am.... and I was going to be in bed by midnight... oh well.
First off... the bear is in hiding... whatever that means... I think that means that Steve had enough of me abusing his bear and he took it home with him... now what will I do after I clean everything up at the hut?
Work went pretty well tonight... it seemed we got CRUSHED for a while... ok, actually we did get crushed.... but our sales werent up because everyone was using the blasted entertainment coupons... so alot of what we made was free and such.... my P&A report... ok, in laymens terms, my coupon report was 2 pages long.... usually on weekdays it doesnt even hit a page. Its sucks when all that happens.... you go crazy trying to keep up with everything and then they look at the reports and say "you didnt really have that much business" ... oh well... such is life.
Ok, I need some serious input on what im going to do this weekend.... besides go crazy. Tiffany is taking a trip into London.... she wont be back until Sunday night.... this means that I will not get to talk to her until at least Monday.... *sigh* This really sucks. Im working 9:30am-5:00pm on Monday now so if Tiff wants to talk to me on Monday, she will have to be online at 10pm her time... well, a little after that because I'll have to have time to get home... I'm not gonna ask her to do that... she needs her sleep.... I guess we'll see what happens. I got a really sweet email from her today... she called me her angel.... it really melted my heart.... she's my angle too tho... I love her soo much! I cant wait till I can see her. It's tough being apart.
Oh.. and one more thought.... how can you dial an 832- phone number and think that your calling New Stanton? I can understand when we get calls at pizza hut from people who really want one of the other Greensburg huts.... but New Stanton? Come on.... people never fail to amaze me at their stupidity.

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