Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Today was a decent day.... except for the morning when I misserably failed at installing a DSL connection.... but it wasnt my fault, its just a really old and bad computer.... I get to go back tomorrow to try it all over again... hope it goes better.
Tonight I got to talk to Steve (my one best friend from Mass.) ... it was nice to talk to him since it has been a while... it was good to get caught up on everything. Maybe one day I'll blog about how we met... its a pretty neat story, I guess :)
Tiff and I are getting ever more stronger. Yesterday was a good day for my attitude with Tiff. I talked about the whole ring situation with a few people.... most people kinda ... well, Vanetta said that I am a much stronger person than she knows because of the fact that I want Jim and Tiff to still be friends. Granted, I dont want her to keep the ring, but I do want them to be friends. Somehow I can just trust her in this situation... which is really good for a relationship and something that Tiff and I definately have: Trust! Patty at work said I was stupid... and I definately see her point. She said that I should think about it because Tiff and I were friends before she broke up with him and look what happened in that situation. I agree... but somehow I just know that Tiffany is serious enough to stay true to me. Granted, if I ever found out that some ended up happening between her and Jim it would hurt things tremendously.... but I dont think I have to worry... I completely trust her... Diana even agreed with me... she said that alot of people say "once a cheater, always a cheater" ... not always true... sometimes you get stuck in some very weird circumstances... and that is what happened with Tiffany. Tiffany and I are in love... we are soulmates... Ive known that since a few weeks after I met her, and although she never admitted to it, I really think she believed it shortly after I did. I know she definately believes it now... she's become so sweet too since the break up... I mean, she was always very sweet... but now she's even sweeter.... she's such an amazing girl. I cant even begin to describe how much I love her.
Well, speaking of Tiff... I need to wake up at 6am to talk to her because after that, I wont get to talk to her until at least monday since she's going to London for the weekend. As a result, im going to bed. Good night everyone!

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