Monday, October 27, 2003

Im really pretty frustrated right now... I guess most of it stems from curiosity of whats going on with Tiff... she was in a bad mood tonight and she was texting me at work.... I told her I love her and I didnt hear from her for about 5 mins until I sent a message to her asking her if she was mad at me... then she said no and couldnt understand why I would say that... THEN she said "I love you too" ... that just really bugs me... maybe its stupid.... I dunno... after that she started talking to me again and it really cheered me up... then I get home and get an email from her saying that we need to talk about some things but she didnt say what... The last couple of weeks she would say something that kinda clued me into something being wrong and then she'd immediately follow that by "I dont want to talk about it right now" ... Id want nothing more than to sit down face to face and talk to her but that just cant happen... we need to talk about stuff now... I'm tired of having these scared and anxious feelings. Oh well, I'm gonna listen to some Linkin Park to get some frustration out and then I'll go bowling and try to have a good time.

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