Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ok, I just want to share a little bit of drama with you.... This is the reason why I now have a Cingular phone... and Thank God that I do beacuse otherwise, I wouldnt have a phone at all right now.

So months ago everyone I talked to complained that they could not hear me.... within the last month and a half, I had people hanging up when I called them because they could not hear me at all. My Treo 650 was still under warranty so since my problem becomes Verizon's problem on the first call, this shouldnt have been any issue, right? Wrong.... I called customer service and they told me that I needed to go to a store.... previously when I had issues with a smart phone, I knew that the stores did handle issues with any type of data product... I brought this up to the rep and was still told to go to the store. So I ended that call and called back a half hour later.... only to get the same story. So ok, I'm wrong and they changed something... I drive to the store to be told that they cant do anything because I have a data phone.... ok, no shocker there.... the CSR there basically accuses me of lying about the problems I have been having with my phone and I mentioned this to him and he kind of changed the subject and called data support from there.... so here I am at the store and away from my computer and the data rep wants me to do a hard reset of my phone which will clear all of my data.... whatever, I dont care at this point... I just want to get a phone that works. I clear all data on my phone and he says to try it now.... so I did for the next few days and, how about that... same issues.... I knew this was going to happen because I told him that I did a hard reset before... but I'm apparently not capable of doing this the correct way. So I call data support back.... after 2 months of trying to iron out this issue for a phone that is UNDER WARRANTY, they decide they can replace the phone for me. So Thursday I receive my replacement phone... I open it up only to find that it is a Treo 600 and not a 650... there are huge differences here and they include that they dont use an external battery nor do they use the same charger as a 650.... so I have no way to charge this phone or do anything with it at all. I call Verizon back, give them the order number, and they apologize and say that the only person that can issue another replacement is the same person that issued this order.... you've got to be kidding me, right? Whatever, I call this guy and of course he isnt at his desk... I leave a message and as of today, I had no call back from him. So I call customer service again... explain what has been going on... they apologize (i love how they keep apologizing but dont take care of anything).... so the rep tells me that they did send another phone out to me on Friday... great... glad you told me. She says to hold on a second because she wants to verify some things just to make sure. A few mins later she gets back on the phone to tell me that the phone that they shipped out to me on Friday was ALSO a Treo 600.... So I'm sending a Treo 600 back now... I'm getting another Treo 600 tomorrow that I need to send back again and then they say they will send me a Treo 650.... I'm honestly not holding my breath.... and in all of this, they finally decided to give me a $25 credit.... excellent... I get $25 off my bill for not having a useable phone for 3 weeks.... so generous, right?

I'm definately porting my number to my cingular phone at the end of the month.... no doubt about it.... and honestly, if EVDO wasnt such a better protocol for data than GSM/EDGE, I would be canceling my PCMCIA card with Verizon as well.... Sure, Verizon does have the best network and great coverage.... but their customer service sucks... and if someone is not willing to stand behind their product, I could care less how good it is. I hope to God I dont have any issues with my PCMCIA card because I dont want to have to deal with them again... It's insane!!!!!

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