Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm actually getting to the point where I'd like to see Bush impeached.... and its not over this war on Iraq.... actually, I think that Bush knows the war is stupid at this point but he also knows that it is accomplishing exactly what he wants to.... He is keeping out eyes off of what is really going to harm our country. Not many people are paying attention to the laws the Bush administration is working on that is completely stripping us of our rights and our privacy.... Today was a very good example of how we're really starting to progress toward communism.

First, China announces that it is illegal to run your own mail server. Running your own mail server means that you are in full control of the data you send and receive. Taking that right away means that China can very closely control all data coming in and out of China. Story Here. The biggest reason this move is horrible for pricavy is because of data retention. If you run your own email server, you are in control of what you keep and dont keep. If an ISP runs your email server then that ISP has control of what is kept, deleted, read, forwarded, etc. Maybe not a huge issue to you and me but across the board, this is a very dangerous thing.

So, how does this relate to the USA headed to communism? Well, Bush and his administration are working on a new law. It's not going to ban you running your own email server but if you do, it will hold you under unreasonable laws. Basically, it will be illegal to delete your email. Story Here

Here is one big problem that is allowing this to get support. First of all, there is the fact that Bush is doing a horrible job at the Iraq war.... but I think he may be doing that intentionally because it keeps our eyes off of things like these laws that violate our privacy. The thing is, he has also built in a protection for those who do take their eyes off of the war and see what is going on..... He is doing this in the name of eliminating child pornography. Not that that's wrong.... but if you read that link above, I'm sure most of you got fired up and became furious at the child pornographers that get away with things and as a result, you begin supporting the ideas of email retention and things that would help cut back.... but Bush wins... we all support the law, the law goes into effect, and all of a sudden, they arent just reading emails from pornographers.... they are reading the email you send to your mom, your girlfriend, sister, etc.... And the worst thing is, when your friend is arrested for something that you said jokingly to them in an email, it was YOU that supported the law letting that happen.

Child pornography is sick, disgusting, and wrong.... and nothing should protect it.... however, once these laws are passed and in effect, who will protect us? The FBI and other agencies have prosecuted alot of pornographers and maybe some slip by.... do you think that some still won't slip by? Ask yourself this question.... would you allow someone to put a camera in your bedroom where you and your wife sleep together? You got nothing to hide, right? Would you let them watch you have sex because you have nothing to hide?

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