Friday, April 07, 2006

I just logged into myspace and found a comment that a good friend of mine left yesterday. After feeling the way I have been this really gave me a huge boost as well as the email I got from DC (the business guy at our church) just a half hour ago. It's nice to know that people do see some good in you when it seems like your always criticized.... I dont do things "the normal way" and I get attacked for it alot. Things like this are refreshing.

hey, was just thinking about you and was wanting to tell you I really thought you did some cool things that I respected, like sharing some thoughts on homosexuals, which some Christians have some major issues with sometimes, and that you hugged me and others (I think we have a major defiecincy of affection in NOVA), and mainly just your attitude this week, you have just seemed others focused, able to be very good natured, and fun to be around. It was just encouarging. I know you have been strugggling up and down a lot lately, and often it might not make sense. God never promises that (Is.55). But I know God has the best for you and wants to bless you in many ways. And He has already so much, fo you to share with others. Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts and smiles with me and our friends this week.

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