Saturday, April 29, 2006

FDR said something great.... "We have nothing to fear but fear it's self"

I just got out of the United 93 movie.... This is a hard blog to write because there really arent words to say... there are thoughts... lots of them.... but they are hard to put in words.... The thing about this blog is that it isnt about any of the world disasters before.. this is current.... this happened in our lifetime.... it was real and is real and its not something that can be forgotten. It's not often you walk out of a theater where no one is talking.... few words could be heard.... tears were about the only thing you saw... It's real.... Its not a movie, but a true story.... something that happened just a few years ago.

So many people today live their lives in fear. While we have reason to be afraid, we can not let that fear affect our lives. We don't understand the bigger picture. We don't know what is ahead. So many people are hindered by their fear. Fear keeps so many people from doing what they need to do.... One of the biggest fears is the fear of failure.

Those people that died when flight 93 landed in Somerset, PA.... They were afraid... They had good reason to be afraid.... but they didn't live in that fear.... and they certainly didn't let the fear of failure stop them. Did the accomplish what they wanted to? No.... does that mean they failed.... Absolutely not. Those people are held in the hearts of many right now. They didn't go down without a fight.... And the impact that they have made on this world is great.... They may not even know that...

In a conversation with a friend today, I was told "some people don't understand that its not what you take with you but what you leave behind" and living in this area, I see it every day. Those people that died on flight 93.... all the people who died on September 11th, 2001.... It wasnt what they took with them... its what they left behind them. Lives have been touched.... And again, those who brought harm to Americans don't realize that they have only helped us. The same as every horrible experience I have gone through has made me the person I am today, America's horrible experiences have made us who we are as a nation.

All we can do is fight for what is right. There are greater things than anyone can even imagine. So many people are living their lives in fear.... whether it be fear of something small or something big... The fear of something tangible like not having enough money or the fear of something intangible like the fear of someone breaking their heart. Just because we fail doesn't mean that we need to roll over and play dead.... Its not an excuse to just quit trying.... We are going to fail.... We all have and always will.... Its how we handle that failure that is important. If we are afraid to fail and we don't try, then we have failed even greater than what we may have accomplished.... Sometimes we don't realize that the failure may be the solution. We don't realize that by failing, we might just touch someone's life... Whether we see it or not... Its not important whether we see it or not because its not about what we take with us but its what about we leave behind.

don't live in fear.... get up and be bold and do what you need to do. There is bad things in this world we live in... and it hits close to home. In 2001 I lived in Pennsylvania.... Only about 45 mins from where United 93 crashed.... today I live in Herndon, VA and the first real part of the movie took place right there in Herndon, VA at the traffic control center.... All of this hits very close to me. But all of this bad that is happening all around me... I cant allow it to stop me from doing what I know is right and what I know I need to be doing. I don't know who I'm impacting and I may never know... but because I don't know and because I don't gain anything from doing something does not mean that I shouldnt do it.... Its pointless to work towards my own personal gain and I pray that God forgives me of those times that I have been selfish. It's all about what you leave behind... If people could only see that and stop being blinded by this idea that money is the measure of success. Its not going to matter what car you drove or where you lived... Whether you owned a house or rented a basement... those things just don't matter.... They shouldnt matter.... There is alot more to life than that....

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