Monday, September 12, 2005

Well... I'm still in PA.... Skipping the philly conference.... Too much money to drive there.

But what an awesome day!

I was going to go to a picnic and I wanted to take Eli but couldn't find him. I called Tanya's mom but her line was busy so I just drove out. Eli wasn't there but I ended up talking to Patti (tanyas mom) for a long long time. Then Liz (tanyas sister) came out and all 3 of us talked for even longer... It was great.... But the night got better. Patti had to leave and I just decided to ask Liz if she wanted to go get something to eat and she said sure..... So we went to eat and had an awesome awesome time. It was nice to get to know her a little. She's really a sweetie..... I guess Eli got it from his aunt....... Lol

so anyway... While we were eating patti called and said she brought eli back.... So I went back and played with eli :)))

just an awesome night.... I'm glad I stayed!

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