Friday, September 30, 2005

Well VA does it again......

My sammy did not pass emissions in VA and I was given an estimate of $900 to fix. Wanna talk about being pissed off? A perfectly good vehicle I can't use because VA wants more money. My waiver would be $620 so why do that and have it fail next time too? My long term plan was to get a Jasper engine for it which is about $1900 .... So dad is meeting me at my apartment and I'm gonna sign the title over to him. Since I'm with geico now, dropping the insurance on that car will save me money. It is at my dad's house now. We will decide later if dad is going to register it or just title it. It may pass emissions in PA. I dunno.... But it makes more sense to wait for a Jasper engine before I put half the cost of the engine into fixing emissions. Maybe ill soon move to a state that doesn't have emissions? Oh well.... Life goes on, right?

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