Thursday, September 29, 2005

Now that this part of my life is ending, I can't help but wonder what is next. Some amazing things were shown to me down here. The church we were working with down here is currently working with another pastor - the plan is a city wide church.... Different meetings with different styles (baptist, pentecostal, etc) but one unified church.... Its the book of acts in action and its been my prayer forever.... I also found that this church has a member that was ex-homosexual and has contacts with many homosexuals..... Wow.... Anyone seeing something else? Mix that with my intrest in the supernatural and the fact that new orleans has a lot of demon-related things..... Well... I just wonder why I am here right now. What is my future? I don't know.

A lot has been going through my mind..... I'm worried about a lot of people around me...... The phone call from my aunt is still going through my mind.... The problems tiff is having is going through my mind..... The pain of new orleans is going through my mind.... My own financial problems..... And of course VA inspection and my sammy are not getting along...... I'm just so concerned about so much.... And I wish I could cuddle up with someone and be told that its going to be ok... To be told "i love you" .... I long for a lot but I try my best to wait on God. And until the desires of my heart come true (and of course after), I will do what the Lord asks of me.

I wonder what state I will live in next and who will next tell me they love me.... If either are applicable.

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