Friday, September 30, 2005

We are now on our way out of LA and heading back to VA.

I certainly did not sleep well last night. I guess there is just so much on my mind.... I really don't know where anything is headed in my life.

And this morning I wake up and see messages from tanya that say she needs help with her computer.... Then she goes on to say that she is sorry for being so distant. This so much adds to what I feel: that I'm a good friend when someone needs me. The thing is, if it wasn't for Patti, I wouldn't have seen Eli at all in about 2 months. I just don't get it.... I'm more than happy to help anyone and everyone.... I just wish I had a little more support.... But God will sustain me..... I just wish that I didn't feel used all the time. Thankfully I know this New Orleans trip was appriciated by so many people.

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