Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We got a lot accomplished today and I have the tiredness to prove it. We finished up gutting the house we started yesterday and then moved on to help another person finish removing dry wall, clean debris, mend a fence, and so on. While I was picking up debris from around the yard and road, it really hit me. I started picking up Christmas cards.... Picked up some school work from what seemed to be elementary.... But when I picked up the little baby shoe I almost cried. Who knows what house that even came from but it helps you realize that this wasn't a disaster that just affected one age group - it affected everyone. After we got a good start on that house we moved to another family that had a tree fall on their air conditioner unit and also had some holes in her roof. Greg put a tarp on the roof and the rest of us started chipping away and the tree. Most of its gone but we are going to stop by tomorrow and clean up a little.

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