Friday, September 23, 2005

In the last hour I have been hit so hard that it is not even funny. Work was just absolutely nuts for the first couple hours I was here.... things going every which way and I dont know if anyone knew which end was up. In amongst this I get a voicemail from my aunt.... I dunno what happened back up in PA but she seemed upset and was almost chewing me out.... this happened 10 mins after I got a call from the garage to tell me that my Samurai not only failed emissions but it also failed safety inspection.... And as of this point, I still dont have the money to get the protective gear that I need to go to LA with.

What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger..... and I am holding on to that. In fact, all of this really leads me to believe more that God truly does want me in New Orleans. Forget about all the miracles that happened, history proves that anytime your about to do something for God, thats when satan attacks you as much as he possibly can.... and that is what I am counting this as. Sure, I feel like I'm going to break into tears at any moment.... but thats not what matters. What matters is *I* am not broken... and I *AM* going to New Orleans and I *WILL* do God's will!

Please continue to keep me in your prayers.... there are some very trying things going on right now.

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