Saturday, September 03, 2005

This was certainly a great day. Work was pretty slow which was nice. As I was getting ready to leave work a girl from my church (Kimberly) IM'd me and I ended up picking her up and we went to wal-mart and then to the mall to get something to eat and we met Nate (another person from church). Then we all went to where she was staying because she was babysitting a bunch of kids tonight.... Nathan stayed until the soccer game was over and then Kimberly and I just sat and talked.... and I got to hold the 2 month old little boy ... and he fell asleep in my arms.... I cant wait till I'm a dad.... oops, rabbit trail :) anyway... it was really nice to be able to sit and just talk to someone.... it's kind of strange.... I mean, just like.... here I am... nothing but a poor country boy from PA, barely able to make it in a tiny one bedroom apt, driving my 93 Cavalier into this huge and nice housing developement.... its just that I guess at face value, I may not "fit in" .... but that didnt matter... I was welcomed by everyone tonight and it really made me feel alot better.... mainly about myself. As most of you know my self-esteem has been hurting recently.... this was definately a good boost. What did we talk about? A little of everything.... but it wasnt the content that mattered... it was just nice to sit and talk and especially when maybe I'm not the same "class" of person I'm still welcomed..... Maybe there still are some people that will accept you for who you are and not make you change?

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