Saturday, September 10, 2005

Happy Birthday..... to my blog!

It was two years ago today that I created this blog.... Why? Because it was a neat idea I thought..... little did I know that it would be the biggest release that I had through the crazy last two years. Just browse back through the archives and watch how much my life changed so drastically. Different directions my life took.... who I was friends with, who I worked for, how I was feeling, who I was dating, what state I was living in, and even the diagnosis of what was wrong with me. In the hospital a few times.... so much has happened.... all in 2 years time. Not only is it now 2 years, but I am getting very close to 1,000 posts. And there is more to come getting there :)

It really has amazed me how many people have become readers of my blog. It's very helpful for me to know that when I need to vent, there actually are people listening. It also amazes me at how dedicated I have been to posting on here. I honestly didnt know what to think when I created this but I am so glad I did.

Another really cool thing about this blog is that one day my kids may be able to look back and realize how life was not only for me but for alot of other people around me.... just how life generally was. All of us listen to our parents and how their life was "back in the day" ... but I'll actually have a log of it. I think it's kinda neat.

So anyway, here I am 2 years later, thank all of you who read and offer and ear and occasionally some advice.... things that truly do keep me going.


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