Thursday, September 01, 2005

So I currently have the equivalent of a 2nd degree burn on my fingertip. I do not have a blister, my fingertip IS the blister. I guess what happened was Latrobe put the dressing on way to tight and shoved all the blood into a pool on the tip of my finger. This created the blister and killed the nerve endings in my fingertip. The one doctor said "we all could know another hospital put a hole in the wrong side of your head, but it's doctors.... They don't blame other doctors" .... So basically, we know the damage was caused by the dressing and not me cutting myself. Problem that I have right now is the insurance that carpathia has for me is terrible and I am now up to $600 in copays alone.... And who knows what else they can tack on..... *sigh* God will provide tho I guess. Right now its unsure of how much feeling ill gain back. They told me nerve endings do grow back generally but it takes a while for that to happen. We won't know anything for sure until it happens tho. Presby couldn't do anything either way. The one nurse said "whats done is done.... Let's just watch this and make sure it doesn't get worse"

I guess this shows that I truly do have the worst luck in the world. I say that partially joking but yet in the back of my head I wonder if any good is ever going to come my way.

Well I have a computer to fix.... Then get to bed and leave early in the AM for VA. Dad is taking me down because I never got a hold of the guy with the sammy parts so its still not ready for VA inspection...... So the sammy stays in PA :(

what relaxing vacation...... *sigh* will I ever get a break?

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