Monday, September 05, 2005

At the moment, I'm pretty confused. There is a pattern that is happening over and over again and I'm not exactly understanding. The basis of this pattern is a door that is opened wide for me and just when that door starts to take shape its not slammed shut... it just disappears. This is happening in various parts of my life... its happening with work, it's happening with my relationships.... just everywhere. In the last month or two there have been at least a dozen clear cut times where this happened... and of course many "grey line" times that it did.... I mean, I could tell you these things and you'd go "oh, Bob, I'm so sorry" .... but the thing is.... I dont know if you should be or not.... I just dont know. I mean, its hard watching great opportunities that have opened for me just all of a sudden disappear. Some of you know some of those things and know exactly what I am saying..... but why is all of this happening? There is no doubt in my mind that this is God doing something.... but what? I'm just really lost... and maybe I dont need an answer as to what He is doing.... but what I do need to know is what He wants me to do.... what He is trying to tell me.... how I need to respond and react to these things.

Lots going through my mind.... I just gotta try to figure this out and listen to God.....

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