Tuesday, March 14, 2006

To: Randle El,

OK, so you are richer than you were yesterday. But keep in mind the

1. That you have signed with a team that is already set in the wide reciever
position and will probablly run you as a ..3 guy

2. That you have signed with a team that has an owner that puts more value
in buying big name flashy players than investing in guys that bleed and
sweat from a genuine love for the game

3. That you will be pawning your superbowl ring as soon as Dan Snyder finds
someone else with a flashier name and even Al Davis doesn't know who you

4. That you were one one of the ONLY NFL teams that complimented your style
of play and made you look at your best.

5. That instead of 80,000 screaming fans waving Terrible Towels and cheering
you onto the field, you now have to look at a bunch of fat guys in dresses
wearing pig noses.

6. That occasionally getting into the playoffs stems only as a result of
being in a division that is consistantly mediocre and is only good enough to
not lose as much as the other teams and eventually has to play an AFC team.

7. That Washigton DC has the highest crime rate per capita and tripled the
crime rate compared to that in the Burgh.

8. That Lavar Arrington just actually forfieted money to be able to leave
Washigton to go to a team that will not sit you on the pines because of
personal off-field politics.

9. That words like "superbowl", "parade", "Lombardi" and "champion" will be
forever restricted from your volabulary and replaced by words such as
"overpaid", "overrated", "dead-weight" and "downgraded"

10. And finally, that you were a millionaire regardless of what city or team
you play for

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