Sunday, March 19, 2006

"No duh" love..... The best example of this is the angels. The angels love God because they see him everyday. Its easy.... You see God's Splendor everyday. But what about us? We can not have "no duh" love because we don't see Him everyday. This is why we mean so much to God.... When we love Him its a risk and a struggle.... God knows we Love Him because we have to work at it.... We would only do that if it was true love. This is why the split between God and man is a good thing.

This is what love is.... Its pushing on when things are rough. We, as humans, were created in His own image and it is His desire that we mock Him in our lives.... The way we do things should be what Jesus would do. Those bracelets that were popular 5 years ago were so refreshing.... But they became the thing to wear. It wasn't taking a risk anymore because WWJD was just something to wear. All of a sudden, it meant nothing.

What is true love? Its not giving up. We see so many failed marriages now.... This is the result of discomfort and struggles.... And we blame God! Are you kidding me? These troubles are a blessing..... When we have struggles and we want to give up, its then that the other person really loves us. If we or they give up, then where was the love? A romantic relationship should be followed after the example that God gave us.

People are so easy to give up now... On people and their dreams. God wants people who mean business..... And I want to find a girl who means business as well. People say God doesn't tell us how to handle situations but His life is an example in almost all situations.

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