Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bryan White did a song called "Someone Else's Star" .... Tonight after I dropped Robin off I headed to work and I heard this on XM. It really made me realize something... I could pretty heavily relate to this song.... I wish and pray for something and not only dont I get it but someone next to me does. It's a frustrating thing.... The song is about just that... questioning why it is when we wish for something, someone else gets it and we dont. I really started thinking about this and realized that maybe when I wish on someone else's star, the intent is to do just that: Help someone. I have 2 main goals in my life.... I want to be a good husband and a good father and I also want to help as many people as possible. If I wish for something and someone else gets it, havent I accomplished part of my goal? It does got a step further.... Garth Brooks wrote a song called "Unanswered Prayers" which is such a powerful song when you think about it. If you think about the ideas that Garth had in that song and you combine it with Bryan White's song, couldnt it be that you might just receive benefit from that too? Even tho we live in the "Microwave Age" where we want everything now, it's still alot better tasting to have something cooked on the stove.

One thing that comes to mind that fits this perfectly in my own life is the whole Tiff situation. I wanted to be with her so bad.... I enjoyed the times that we had together and I wanted those to live on.... but maybe I wished on someone else's star? Not only is she going to make another guy extremely happy, but there is another girl thats going to fit in my life better. It's been a hard thing getting over Tiff but now that I'm there, it feels so much better. I know that there is a completely amazing girl out there for me and maybe it's someone I already know.... The point is, it feels so much better to accept that fact that I may have wished on someone else's star and that if I did end up with Tiff, maybe some other guy out there would be heart broken. What happened has happened for a reason.... Both with Tiff and I getting together and with us breaking up. I'm a single person and I have an amazing girl in my future... and it feels good to look to the future instead of back on the past. If I wished on someone else's star and someone gets what I was wishing for, then I can really take that as I helped someone else out and in the future, I will receive something better than what I was wishing for.

God certainly does take care of all of His children and I am very proud that I am His child. Even if He doesnt do things as quick as we want Him too, we have to understand that maybe He's working on an entire home-cooked dinner and not just microwaving the latest Hungry Man meal.

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