Friday, March 17, 2006

So I just filled out my personality profile thing at .... I'm more than likely not subscribing because it's way too expensive but I thought my profiles seems to describe me well so I'm gonna post it here:

Personal Characteristics - Summary
You have conservative views and attitudes about the world
You appear to be very ambitious
You're somewhat intellectual
You are moderately conscientious
You have a high level of integrity
You sometimes seek out adventure
You have a somewhat adaptable personality
Occasionally you behave in a dominant manner
Money Attitudes - Summary
Money plays an insignificant role in your life
Social Life - Summary
Certain facets of your personality may occasionally make it challenging for others to interact with you
Having a social network is somewhat important to you
Stress Reaction - Summary
It appears that your understanding of your own emotions and those of others is average
In general, your reaction to stress is highly adaptive
You display a few psychological traits that may interfere with your day-to-day functioning
Communication Style - Summary
You are comfortable being vulnerable to your romantic partner
You need a lot of emotional intimacy
You are somewhat open to accepting your partner's opinions, goals, and input in the relationship
You communicate effectively and considerately with other people
You have a moderate need for intellectual, thought-provoking discussions with partner
Conflict Resolution - Summary
You have relatively strong conflict resolution skills
You are somewhat prone to conflict
Relationship Issues - Summary
You appear to be ready to commit to a serious, long-term relationship
You're looking for a long-term relationship
You're an incurable romantic
You are very attentive towards your romantic partner
You believe in being somewhat chivalrous
You have somewhat modern beliefs related to gender roles
Attachment Style - Summary
Your level of reliance on your partner is occasionally unhealthy
Sex Life - Summary
Your sexual experience is average
When it comes to sex and sexuality you are relatively liberal in your attitudes and behaviors
When committed to someone, you are a faithful and loyal partner
Parenting Style - Summary
You believe in providing children with a lot of affection
You don't believe in providing children with a lot of limits

My Ideal Partner

Personal Characteristics
Highly emotionally intelligent
Has a positive self-concept
Believes in doing the "right" thing and behaving with integrity
Highly dependable person
Somewhat concerned with being neat and organized
Has a tendency to stick to a daily routine but is flexible
Handles stress with ease
Strikes a balance between being dominant and encouraging equal input
Attitudes and Beliefs
Somewhat spontaneous and fairly open to new experiences
Flexible and open character
Has some modern and some traditional perspectives on gender rolesHigh
Thinks that money is of little importance in life
Spends wisely
Communication and Conflict
Able to communicate effectively
Skilled at dealing with conflict
Social Life
Has characteristics of both an introvert and an extrovert
Possesses good social skills
Places moderate importance on relationships with family and friends
Relationship Skills and Attitudes
Needs a lot of emotional intimacy
Somewhat tolerant individual
Willing to rely on others
Ready to be in a committed relationship
Moderately adventurous sexual attitudes and behavior
Faithful when in a relationship
Willing to discuss his/her feelings
Has independent and dependent traits when in a relationship
Moderate need for control
Emotionally steady; tolerant of occasional mood swings
Has good control of anger

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